Newport vs Northampton Prediction, Odds & Betting Tips 07/04/2023 (440 อ่าน)

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*These betting odds were correct at the time of publication but are subject to change.

Newport vs Northampton soccer tips pro & League Two Predictions

Unbeatable Northampton faces the difficult Newport task on the 7th of April at Rodney Parade. Neither side lost a game in the last five fixtures so the clash on Friday is bound to be an interesting event.

Sam Hoskins to Score Anytime

Our chief Newport County vs Northampton prediction this week favors in-form winger Sam Hoskins to score at any given point in the match. He’s without a doubt one cracking player this season in League Two.

Ever since the 2022/23 season kicked off, Hoskins slid it past the goalkeepers on 20 occasions while also providing teammates with valuable assists. He’s tied for 1st place with Mitch Pinnock and with that in mind, we’re confident he’ll be at his lethal best on Friday as well.

The only League Two player to outscore him this season is Bradford City’s Andy Cook who has 23 goals to his name so far.

Over 0.5 First-Half Goals

As we mentioned in our previous Newport vs Northampton prediction, Sam Hoskins is performing above all expectations to bag 20 goals this campaign. His sheer presence makes it very likely for Friday’s clash to end with plenty of goals and certainly, we’ll see at least one before the stroke of halftime.

Such was the case in eight of the last 10 games between the two teams. Yes, they are quite evenly matched and that’s rarely a possibility for plenty of goals but Friday’s match will be something else.

Both teams can’t stop scoring these days and that’s why neither one of them has lost a league game over the last five weeks. If that’s not a solid reason to trust our key Newport vs Northampton predictions, we don’t know what is.

Essential Newport vs Northampton Odds & H2H Statistics

After reviewing our Newport vs Northampton predictions, make sure to give the head-to-head data a quick read as well. Furthermore, if you are interested, we have more League Two predictions available on our designated web page.

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Newport odds: 38/25 (2.52) – 38.0%

Draw odds: 43/20 (3.15) – 28.0%

Northampton odds: 9/5 (2.80) – 34.0%

Contradictory to our key Newport vs Northampton betting tip, Newport County at 38/25 (2.52) are the expected winners and the ones who are going to grab the three points with a confident 38.0% win probability. If that still doesn’t convince you, perhaps over 0.5 first-half goals at 11/20 (1.55) with be a sweeter deal as it has a shocking 64.5% likelihood.

Newport vs Northampton Lineups & Team News


Newport’s 10-10-14 record in the 2022/23 campaign is not quite what the fans were hoping for at the start of the season but it still keeps their heads above water as the relegation zone is six points away. The goalless tie against Colchester last week, however, was undoubtedly a bitter disappointment as Newport’s rival barely had two points in their last four games.

Predicted lineup – Day (GK), Demetriou, Clarke, Baker, Norman, Wildig, Bennett, Charsley, Evans, McNeill & Bogle


Trailing by seven points to Leyton Orient, Northampton are currently in 2nd place. With a couple of more games yet to be played until the season is over, the League Two title race intensifies as Northampton will do their best to get the three points against Newport on Friday.

Predicted lineup – Burge (GK), Lintott, McGowan, Guthrie, Haynes, Bowie, Sowerby, Leonard, Pinnock, Appere & Hoskins

Starting Lineups

*Starting lineups are usually announced 1hr before the kick-off

Player to Watch: Mitch Pinnock

No one can deny that Sam Hoskins is Northampton’s boy wonder this season but Mitch Pinnock is equally as adept at being the difference-maker. With six goals and six assists since the start of the season, Pinnock is the 2nd-best creator and scorer that coach Jon Brady has at his disposal. He’ll undoubtedly be the one to watch on Friday.

League Two Standings

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