Hermès Cape Code Crépuscule (87 อ่าน)

21 ส.ค. 2566 13:37

Hermès has known as on the solutions of one associated with Switzerland’s primary silicon specialists for a innovative project toned using nanotechnology.

Neuchâtel-based Switzerland Center with regard to Electronics plus Microtechnology (CSEM), which has created technical silicon-based watchmaking options for Patek Philippe, Girard-Perregaux and Sample Group, very first met together with Hermès Plaid Code Crépuscule in 2018 to discuss the venture.

Your decision was made to produce a dial from your silicon wafer featuring the actual “intimate and even refined Crépuscule” motif through design together with graphic designer, Thanh-Phong Lê.

The appearance and color of silicon is dependent about how much of the stuff is transferred on the 0. 5mm thicker dial platter during creation, allowing “an infinite color scheme of refined and exclusive shades. ”

Through photolithography, blue lighting is used in order to print the particular motif prior to a final “gold-coating stage. ”

The 29mm x 29mm stainless steel circumstance is associated with a azure calfskin band, while the quartz motion keeps period. Known for typically the «square within a rectangle” event formed simply by two «anchor chain» half-links, the Hermès Cape Program code Crépuscule enjoy is now provided by a blue-tinted monocrystalline si dial.

Within 2018, Hermès initiated a gathering with the Neuchâtel-based Swiss Middle for Consumer electronics and Microtechnology (CSEM) included in its visit a technological innovation that might be dedicated to creativeness. This offered rise to some project for any dial produced from a silicon wafer, that was to function the romantic and processed «Crépuscule» (dusk) motif by simply designer-graphic musician Thanh-Phong Lê. The switch with its slim gilded fingers reveals often the bluish colors sprinkled using yellow gold accomplished by this one of a kind method mixing creativity as well as nanotechnology. The navy blue calfskin single or even double trip strap designed in the Hermès Horloger training courses sets the last touch for the Cape Cod crépuscule see.

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Used in microelectronics for its semiconductor properties, the exact silicon wafer was selected here for it is purely visual qualities, symbolizing a first. Based on the amount of content deposited throughout production, their colour differs across a good infinite colour pallette of simple and different shades. This particular Hermès Pelisse Code Crépuscule highly technical process is actually carried out by specialized engineers within the CSEM labratories. The knobs of the Hermès Cape Cod crépuscule Hermès are created coming from a single zero. 5 milimetre thick menu, which is covered in an very precise way with a small (72-nanometre) movie of si nitride to get the desired extreme blue color.

Then arrives the photolithography stage, where Hermès Cpe Code Crépuscule the wafer is subjected to a orange light in order to print the very pattern. The procedure involves a number of successive bathing, before the gold-coating stage, accompanied by other bath to remove any kind of superfluous product. Finally, the dish is exactly cut on the shape of the main Cape Cod case.




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